Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Good Morning?

Good morning. Or at least it started that way.

My morning started out as usual. Posted a photo to my Instagram account, checked emails and then had my breakfast of tea and fruit. I got out of bed to give my dog a big hug and kiss.

Then I started to converse with my partner, who I also make videos with. I wanted to confirm the video schedule for next week and not surprisingly, another communication mishap. He pretty much snapped at me and even talking about the video schedule put us both in a foul mood.

So here's the question. Why the hell are we even doing this together? It's been a couple of months and yes it's getting a tad easier but seriously, he's starting to get on my nerves. We really aren't communicating well and it's pretty obvious that we don't work well together.

I gave it an honest chance really and I'm still trying. But there's just so many things that bother me.

Firstly, he's not 100% committed to this and as predicted, it turned out the way I thought it would. Does he work his social media like he's supposed to? Not really. Sure he fiddles with one of them, but he's doing perhaps 20% of what he's supposed to be doing. Lazy? I'm not sure about that. I think he's just so unsure of himself that it's affecting everything around him.

Oh, by the way, as I was writing this post, he walked in. My partner that is. He came in to apologize for snapping at me. That was nice of him and I give him points for that. We had a nice short chat.

I guess for now, we just have to work around these problems we are having. It's OK. I'm patient and I do care about him. I really do. And I know he really wants to do this. He just has to get over his insecurity and fears and I'll continue to support and help him as much as I can.


Dawn Rae said...

Good luck to you. I hope you can get things figured out. Communication isn't an easy thing.

Shinichi Mine said...

Thank you my friend. One of the hardest things in the world.